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10 mile Time Trials

This year we have a full schedule for our 10 mile TT course! The TT gives you the opportunity to test yourself with other riders from WaldenTRI and from various other clubs and cycling organisations which means more friendly competition and more camaraderie.

If you are new to time trials then I strongly urge you to have a go regardless of your perceived abilities. Time Trials work on the principle of launching one rider at set intervals with the fastest going last. The idea is that you try to avoid being caught by the riders behind. By doing so, you learn to push your limits, build your fitness with High Intensity Training and learn how to endure the pain to achieve your own personal best. A great way to make big gains on your Triathlon bike leg

Parking and meeting point has changed: new venue is The Barn, Audley End Business Centre, which is signposted from the road. (next to The Forge). Please note the times listed below are the start times, please arrive 30 minutes before this time to allow for sign-in, warm-up and compulsory race briefing.

This year, the cost of TT must be paid in cash. There has been a price increase this year to ensure cycling levies are met. £3.00 for members and £4.00 for non-members.

Remember: rear light and helmet are compulsory. Shoulders must be covered, no tri suits, and no team replica jerseys. (these are CTT rules)

Results and a leader board will be readily available on the internet for you to track your progress and of course watch your times getting quicker and quicker.


  • 19:30 Thursday, May 10 CANCELLED DUE TO ROADWORKS
  • 19:30 Thursday, May 24 CANCELLED DUE TO ROADWORKS
  • 19:30 Thursday, June 07 CANCELLED DUE TO ROADWORKS
  • 19:30 Thursday, June 21 CANCELLED DUE TO ROADWORKS

At last! The traffic lights at Gt. Chesterford have been removed so our TT of 5th July will go ahead.

  • 19:00 Thursday, July 05
  • 19:00 Thursday, July 19
  • 19:00 Thursday, August 02
  • 19:00 Thursday, August 16

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18th August 2016 Time Trial Results

Club Rider Name Time
Camb Uni CC Tom Biship / Ollie Mytton (2 up) 00:22:19
Cambridge CC Matt Chandler 00:22:27
Walden Tri Charlie Passfield 00:23:21
Newdales Tom Ward 00:24:30
Walden Tri Michael Buchallet 00:25:01
  James Huertas 00:25:57
Saffron Striders Chris Ottersides 00:26:17
Walden Velo Matt Harvey 00:26:21
Walden Velo Russell Powell 00:26:29
Walden Tri Brendan Moran 00:26:33
Bps Stortford Tri Emma Deary 00:26:53
Walden Velo Ed Snelson 00:27:19
Walden Tri Simon Page 00:27:22
Walden Velo John Calvert 00:27:25
Walden Velo Martyn Higson 00:28:08
Walden Velo Ollie Pottrill 00:28:09
  Kevin Marshall 00:28:15
  Mike Fishpool 00:28:20
  Mike Passfield 00:28:20
Cambridge CC Sara Rogger 00:28:35
  Howard Venning 00:29:11
Bps Stortford Tri Robert Johnson 00:29:12
Walden Tri Harry Pearce 00:29:43
  Adam Byrne 00:29:49
Walden Velo Christina Pettit 00:30:13
Walden Velo Les Ryder 00:30:28
Walden Velo Julia Dolman 00:30:33
Walden Tri Mark McGiddy 00:32:17

21st July 2016 Time Trial Results

Club Rider Name Rider Number Start Time Finish Time Time
Walden Tri Francesca Giordano 1 00:00:00 00:37:58 00:37:58
  Alex Brown 2 00:01:00 00:35:55 00:34:55
Walden Velo Les Ryder 4 00:03:00 00:34:15 00:31:15
Walden Tri Hazel Turton 3 00:02:00 00:33:01 00:31:01
Chelmer Cycling Club Callum Stock 8 00:07:00 00:36:24 00:29:24
Walden Velo Ollie Pottrill 5 00:04:00 00:32:26 00:28:26
Walden Tri Matt Switzer 7 00:06:00 00:33:51 00:27:51
Walden Tri Alex & Marco Dale 14 00:13:00 00:39:59 00:26:59
  Alfie Kennard 10 00:09:00 00:35:54 00:26:54
Walden Velo Dan Guise 12 00:11:00 00:37:49 00:26:49
Walden Tri Andy Bryant 6 00:05:00 00:31:20 00:26:20
Walden Tri Vince Legg 13 00:12:00 00:38:17 00:26:17
Walden Velo Matt Harvey 11 00:10:00 00:35:53 00:25:53
Walden Velo Russell Powell 15 00:14:00 00:39:38 00:25:38
Walden Tri Mark & Anna Fraser 9 00:08:00 00:33:28 00:25:28
Herts Wheelers Clive Wellings 16 00:15:00 00:40:23 00:25:23
Newdales Tom Ward 17 00:16:00 00:40:53 00:24:53
Denmow Velo Jonathan James 18 00:17:00 00:41:48 00:24:48
Walden Velo Steve Parry Jones 23 00:22:00 00:46:22 00:24:22
Cambridge Uni Cycling club Tom Bishop 19 00:18:00 00:42:20 00:24:20
Walden Velo Adam Young 20 00:19:00 00:42:37 00:23:37
Walden Tri Matthew Shepard & Charlie Passfield 21 00:20:00 00:43:18 00:23:18
Army Cycling Rob Hussey 22 00:21:00 00:44:07 00:23:07
Cambridge Cyling Club Matt Chandler 24 00:23:00 00:45:36 00:22:36

26th May 2016 Time Trial Results

Rider Name Club Time
Robert Hussey cycling union 00:23:13
Jack Sears team velo velocity 00:23:22
Adam Young velo 00:23:49
Tom Bishop   00:24:14
Marco Passfield lee valley 00:24:46
Jonathan James bishop stortford 00:25:20
Ed Chedzoy velo 00:25:23
Mark & James Fraser tri 00:25:43
Toby Harris velo 00:25:45
Tom Ward newdales 00:25:45
Vince Legg tri 00:25:47
Chris Outtersedis tri 00:25:50
Matt Bainbridge tri 00:25:52
Phil Doel tri 00:25:58
Russell Powel velo 00:25:59
Mark Couttes velo 00:26:05
Mat Harvey velo 00:26:19
Paul Grindal   00:26:36
Simon Green tri 00:26:40
Donna & Alex Dale tri 00:28:07
Martin Higson velo 00:28:10
Sue McIntyre velo 00:28:22
Kevin Marshall   00:28:37
Mark Auger velo 00:29:24
Gary Byford velo 00:29:31
Mike Passfield tri 00:29:42
Georgina Dunlop tri 00:29:57
Iain Rogers   00:29:59
Hazel Turton tri 00:30:45
Rob Naumburger   00:31:34
Chloe Brown tri 00:31:48

TT Results - 20th August 2015

Congratulations to all who took part in this seasons Time Trials we hope you saw your times improve. The final weeks results are below. Over the season we have had 96 cyclist take part in the time trials and the seasons best time was Matt Chandlers 22.26.

Thanks to all those who volunteered to marshal and big thanks to Paul and the team at the Fighting Cocks for allowing us to use their car park. If you are passing the pub whilst out on the bike over the winter do call in for a drink or some of their excellent food, for those who are WaldenTRI members if you go in with a WT session card Paul has offered a discount!

1Chris Potter00:23:09
2Charlie Passfield00:24:37
3Marco Passfield00:24:51
4Jon Day00:25:49
5James Sale00:26:00
6Andy Hutchinson00:26:18
7Harry Middleton00:26:21
8Jeremy Lovell00:26:24
9Chris Middleton00:26:27
10Alaister Bruce00:26:47
11Matt Switzer00:27:59
12Adam Wilkinson00:28:14
13Chris Outersides00:29:02
14Adam Chapman00:29:13
15Howard Venning00:29:53
16Jeremy Buss00:29:57
17Steve Kidman00:30:03
18Mark Auger00:30:04
19Sue Mcintyre00:30:05
20Steven Pearson00:30:05
21Aurora Kellam-Pearson00:30:49

TT Results - 6th August 2015

Two Up: Keith Dorling and Andy Stapleton - 22:50

1stSteve Parry-Jones23:48:00
2ndSimon Keen25:03:00
3rdZac Dellar25:44:00
4thAndy Hutchinson26:20:00
5thMatthew Eeles26:37:00
6thHoward Williams26:44:00
7thChris Middleton26:54:00
8thMatt Harvey27:10:00
9thPeter Winfield28:01:00
10thCallum Stock28:13:00
11thKirsty Gill29:17:00
12thAdam Chapman29:22:00
13thChristina Petitt30:15:00
14thSue McIntyre30:42:00
15thJeremy Buss30:50:00
15thHazel Turton30:50:00