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WT15 Results

Provisional race results:

Everything you wanted to know about WT15 and never dared ask


What is it?

WT15 is a triathlon; a sporting event in which you swim, cycle and run in that order. The time taken in transition between those disciplines counts to your overall time.

How far?

The triathlon organised by WaldenTRI club in 2015 (WT15) is a ‘sprint’ distance, ideal for novices, comprised of :
  • 400m swim
  • 25km bike
  • 5km run

How long?

In 2014, most people finished WT14, which was run over the same course as WT15, in under 2 hours, but times ranged from 1 hour 10 minutes to over 3 hours. Some of the slower participants still won their age-group prize. You can set your own goals.


WT15 takes place in Saffron Walden, with race HQ at Lord Butler Leisure Centre. The swim is in the pool; the transition area, where you leave your bike, is in the tennis courts. The bike ride is 2 laps out past Carver Barracks and back down the Thaxted Road. The run is an off-road route that takes in paths across Herbert’s Farm that are not normally open to the public.


WT15 is on May 10th 2015, earlier than the event has been held previously. The first participants start at 7:30. All competitors will be finished by midday and results will be available shortly thereafter, allowing everyone to go home in time for lunch.


I don’t have a thing to wear!

You do not have to own a state-of-the-art “tri-suit”. You can wear your swimming costume/ trunks in the pool and put on a top (and shorts) in transition.

I don’t have a racing bike

So long as your bike is roadworthy, that is fine. Many people do their first triathlon on a hybrid or town bike. You will need a helmet that conforms to safety standards, but it doesn’t have to be one of those go-faster pointy ones!

I’ll be too slow

No you will not. We will start the slower swimmers early in the day with those that swim at a similar estimated pace. Most of the faster competitors start later, so you will not be holding anyone up.

I can’t do front crawl

It doesn’t matter, you can do breast stroke or a mixture of breast stroke and front crawl if you prefer. You can have a free coached swim session with Walden Tri club to see if you would like to join the club and learn to swim better.

I’m not fit enough

You may not be fit now, but it is perfectly feasible to train to do the distances involved in a sprint triathlon in 2-3 months.

Sign up to give yourself a goal and start training. Walden Tri club can provide you with guidance on a training programme.

WD14 Race Report

WD14 - or as Vince described it in the papers “Muddy Marvellous Walden Duathlon”

Back in the middle of August three of us sat around a table in the OEG deciding whether we wanted to take on the organising of this year’s Walden Duathlon. The following morning’s hangover may at least partly explain why we decided we would tackle the task. This week 8 of us sat around that same table celebrating the success of WD14 very aptly described by Vince’s article for the press. Over the course of the evening we reflected on a lot of feedback we had asked for from the competitors, the successes, good points and not such good points of the event and the lessons we would take forward to WD15.

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