WaldenTRI - Swimming

Open Water Swimming

For those of you keen to do a bit of open water swimming in the summer, you are almost spoilt for choice.

Venues for training generally start opening up for the season during April and May and with the rapid growth in the sport there are plenty of open water races too. There are races to suit everyone with distances from 1⁄2 a mile to the marathon 10k and in a variety of water conditions from lakes, reservoirs, rivers and the sea.

Swim Time Trial Results - Wed 28/04/14

1500m Simon Page 25:40
1500m Mark Coutts 24:48
1500m Grant McDermott 25:32
1500m Boyan Obradovic 26:36
1500m Rob Gould 27:42
1500m Teresa Peasgood 30:45
1500m Chloe Brown 36:21
750m George Peasgood 10:09
750m Charlie Passfield 12:55
750m Elle Long 13:15
400m Helen Upton 08:06
400m Tracey Banks 08:10
400m Mike Passfield 11:03
400m John Hammond 11:27
400m Shara O'Connell 11:03
400m Jana Robinson 11:00


Walden Tri 23-06-2013 (110)

We have pool time once a week at the Lord Butler Leisure Centre for coached sessions. We cater for most standards but are unable to coach non-swimmers.

Sessions are held on:

Wednesday 20:00 - 21:00 For this session we share the pool with WaldenJNR, the session is coached for the whole hour but the pool reopens to the public at 21:00. During some sessions there may be the opportunity to be filmed whilst swimming and review this with a coach.

Please remember to arrive 15 minutes before the session starts to give yourself time to get changed and be in the water at 20:00 ready to start the session.

Note: there is no training on Bank Holidays.