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Christmas Quiz

The answers to the recent Christmas Quiz can be found below (thanks to Phil Trevillion for this).

  Round 1 - Swim Answer
1 What is the length of a sprint distance triathlon swim? 750m
2 What was George Peasgood’s swim split time at Rio? 9 mins:41 sec
3 What is the maximum depth in the London Olympic swimming pool? 3m
4 Assuming you did a tumble turn on every length, how many tumble turns would you do in an Olympic distance swim in a 25m pool? 59  (60 lengths)
5 How many Olympic medals has Michael Phelps won? 28 (23 gold)
6 Who had a hit with the song “Night Swimming”? REM
7 In what order are the strokes swum in the individual medley? Backstroke, breastroke, butterfly, freestyle
8 What is regarded as the biggest technological advancement in swim technology since the 1970’s? Goggles
9 Who played the main character in the film “The Swimmer”? Burt Lancaster
10 Which GB swimmer won gold in Beijing in the 800m and 400m freestyle and bronze in London in the same events? Rebecca Adlington
  Round 2 - Bike Answer
1 Who is the men’s world road race champion? Peter Sagan
2 What is next in the sequence after Striker and Boxer? Grifter (range of Raleigh bikes)
3 According to the “Rules” how many bikes should you own? One more than you currently own (N+1)
4 Who had a hit with the song “Tour de France”? Kraftwerk
5 What are the names of the Grand Tours (in their native language)? Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta Espana
6 Who won silver in the 2012 Olympic women’s road race? Lizzie Armitstead (now Deignan)
7 In the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid who was the actress Paul Newman’s character gave a lift to on his bike? Katherine Ross
8 What is the Christian name of the founder of the Colnago bicycle company? Ernesto
9 Who is the current Tour de France champion? Chris Froome
10 What was different about the US Olympic track cycling team’s bike at Rio compared to every other team? Chainset/transmission was on the left hand side of the bike
  Round 3- Run Answer
1 What is the distance of the run in modern pentathlon? 3.2km
2 What was the fastest run split at WT16? 18:14
3 Who had a hit with the song “Run to you”? Bryan Adams
4 In which city did Paula Radcliffe set her marathon women’s world record? London
5 What is the distance (in metres) of the quadrangle at Trinity College Cambridge which features in the Great Court Run? 370m
6 Who directed the film ‘Blade Runner’? Ridley Scott
7 How long is the ‘Cresta Run’? 1.2km/0.75m
8 Where was the Magna Carta signed? Runnymede
9 Who was the first European runner to run 100m in under 10 sec? Linford Christie
10 What is the longest running west end show? The Mousetrap