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Autumn Leaves? More like beach weather!

I had a great ride at Autumn Leaves last weekend. Well, okay...I missed a sign, did a few more miles than necessary, ran out of water for ten miles, got ditched by the group I was riding with at the feed station and had to do a 5 mile time trial 70 miles into the ride to catch up with them....but on the whole, it was a really good ride. Surprisingly, the legs still worked!

On the 16th November, we have our own duathlon taking place at Carver barracks. If you are not down to marshal, this event is open to our members and is a fantastic fun race to end a season on. So why don't you go ahead and enter? For the Seniors, the distances will be a 5k run, 18k off road bike & 3k run. Relay teams of 2 are available (i.e. one person running both legs and one person cycling).

The first XC league race is also coming up on the 26th October at Cheshunt! Unfortunately, I am not able to be there as I am away the week but can I please have a couple of volunteers to be either:

  • a central person for the group or
  • the person who collect the disks and records our WT runners.
  • Anyone available an contact me via FB or lourolfe@live.co.uk.

    Celebrating success where you can

    Congratulations Pete! Yet another WaldenTri athlete to join the age grouping ranks this year, our own Pete Thompson has qualified for the European Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships for 2015 following a great result in his age group at the Big Cow event in the 4th and final qualifying race. Read his race report below. Pete has had a cracking year and it is great when you see hard work and love of a sport paying off with top results.

    On a more modest note, I am chuffed to bits that I managed 9.5 hours of fairly good quality training around a 55 hour working week plus a day out with my boys. For me, that feels like a major achievement! Did the ironing get done or the kitchen floor get washed this past week?....Well, um, no...but everyone was in clean (un-ironed) clothes, well fed and my mum's dog helped with hovering up spillages on the kitchen floor. So I am counting that as a successful week in training.

    This weekend I will be one of a few WaldenTri to tackle Autumn Leaves sportive. This will be a challenge for me as woefully short of riding hours over the last month. However, a challenge is exactly what I want so I expect to be in a pretty happy and exhausted state come Sunday evening. Will my kitchen floor get done? Possibly....

    So whatever you get done this weekend, training or racing, focus on what you have managed to do and take time to celebrate the small successes. It makes life a lot more rewarding!

    WaldenTRI top amongst baking and making puddings!

    We had a great turn out for the BBQ last Sunday and I would like to say a huge thank you to the Peasgoods for being brilliant hosts. They even managed to put on amazing weather to go with the huge spread. If WaldenTri have a specific niche as a tri club, I think we (I use the collective we rather than actually include myself in this assessment) would nail it as being the top amongst baking and making puddings! It looked like we all had at least four desserts on our plates. If I'm not great at making puds, I am still right up there when it comes to eating them.

    Thank you to those individuals who have produced some brilliant race reports over the last few months which have been funny, insightful, surprising and inspiring in equal measure! Keep them coming!

    For all those looking for a few challenges over winter and improving their performances in your diary.

    XC Dates:

    • 26 October at Cheshunt (Broxbourne Runners)
    • 23 November - Grovelands Park, Southgate (Serpentine RC)
    • 7 December - Cassiobury Park, Watford (Watford Joggers)
    • 11 January - Trent Park (Trent Park RC)
    • 15 February - Royston (Royston Runners)

    These are free races which are superb cross country courses with excellent competition and depth of field - a great way to build stamina and strength for spring tri training. So please put your dates in the calendar now. We do try to car share so anyone who wishes to run can take part. Any questions about it, please contact me.


    We have been invited by Cambridge Tri Club to take part on morning of 5th Oct in a team event aquathon. There are teams of between 3 and 5. The only criteria is each team must have at least one junior and one senior. The senior race is 400m swim followed by 3k run. You can enter individually and we can allocate you to a WT team and it only costs £5. There is a full race info pack at: http://www.cambridgetriathlonclub.com/concrete/index.php/races1/aquathon/ This will be a fun event and would be great for some seniors to support our junior teams. Entries are via http://www.entrycentral.com/cambridge-triclub-aquathlon

    Good luck to those at St Neots and Dunmow Tri. A very big part of me wishes I was racing too!

    Have fun. Lou

    WaldenTRI World Domination!

    This is less of a captain's blog and more of a homage to the recent efforts of WaldenTRI athletes in the pursuit of World domination!

    Firstly we have Jonathan Howe flying the flag down under and by the looks of things, training his socks off. We have had the Power Man duathlon which looked ridiculously hilly (but then it was in Austria) with both Simon Page and Adam Wardle conquering the hill (several times).

    Teresa Peasgood had a great result in yet another Ironman - Copenhagen this time. Slightly closer to home and making sure we didn't forget this neck of the woods, we had Chris King with an amazing effort at the Outlaw and Paul Chapman, Donna Dale, Hannah TC and Andy Stoten all nailing Vitruvian. I apologise now if I have forgotten anyone!

    Congratulations to George Peasgood for his fantastic result in coming 3rd place at the British Triathlon Championships.

    Even Kirsty Gill and I managed a few nice surprises. Strava addicts that we are, we travelled to a top cyclist destination in Provence and somehow won a number of QOM's cycling up some pretty big hills. We had to stop for a lot of cake!

    The variety and diversity makes multisport a seriously difficult challenge to train and compete but I have to say, you guys have made the club proud. Well done to everyone who has worked hard this season, whether you are a seasoned competitor, you have complete your first tri or you have swam front crawl for the first time.

    Hopefully, see you at the ride or BBQ on Sunday.

    Competitiveness - When is it a good thing? And when it goes wrong!

    I took part in a sportive last Sunday. It was the Cambridge Evans RideIt! based at Wimpole Estate so a lovely venue, well organised and a great route. Did I enjoy it? Well...sort of but mainly the tea, bacon buttie and the chat afterwards. The problem is, I wasn't happy with my 'performance.' I didn't think I rode well or fast enough - and it wasn't even a race! Now, I know a lot of people take part in these things and want to push themselves but at what point does competiveness, either with yourself or with others, detract from the overall enjoyment of the activity?

    Now, I think competition is a marvellous thing. It motivates you, it pushes you, it gives you those pre-race tingles where you think anything is possible. In fact, a lot of those benefits were shown in the 10mi TT last night! And it is fun. But the truth is, for a recreational athlete like myself, being over-competitive can be a problem. I do love to compete, to the point where I can't stop myself. Regardless of what sport it is, I'm not happy with myself unless I feel like I've given it everything. A classic example was when I first joined the Tri club and at the 2009 club relays at Gosfield lake. Matt Hinton explained to me that tri is all about competing against yourself. I looked completely baffled. Really? As there was no doubt in my head, it was definitely about beating the other girls!

    Now, quite a few races and events down the line and I am a little bit wiser but there is no doubt, I haven't learnt my lesson fully yet. Competiveness is essential to any athlete. That's ok but the harsh reality is, it's exhausting and you never get to enjoy the moment of anything you have achieved. You immediately think, why wasn't I better than this? Why can this rider ride at this speed and I can't? Why are they able to run like a gazelle up the hills and I fell like an elephant moving through treacle? Another fellow triathlete also told me that for them, competition can be de-motivating. Having been successful in races, they were then targeted as the person to beat. Not the position that they wished to be in and so it put them off racing for a while, a real shame for a talented athlete.

    So my mission for the rest of the year, seeing as I am in a non-racing year, is to learn when to compete and when to just enjoy it for the activities sake. I'm not sure I will be 100% successful but I can try!!