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WD14 Race Report

WD14 - or as Vince described it in the papers “Muddy Marvellous Walden Duathlon”

Back in the middle of August three of us sat around a table in the OEG deciding whether we wanted to take on the organising of this year’s Walden Duathlon. The following morning’s hangover may at least partly explain why we decided we would tackle the task. This week 8 of us sat around that same table celebrating the success of WD14 very aptly described by Vince’s article for the press. Over the course of the evening we reflected on a lot of feedback we had asked for from the competitors, the successes, good points and not such good points of the event and the lessons we would take forward to WD15.

Of the feedback we received it was very positive about the organisation of the race, the friendly atmosphere and particularly praised the marshals for their encouragement and support. The contribution of the marshals on the day is crucial to running a safe and successful event and those that turned out to help did a fantastic job.

Those marshals that had signed up to marshal before October 31st qualified for the draw to win one of 2 £20 Wiggle vouchers and the lucky winners that we drew out this week were Flis Plent and Clare Thompson. Watch your Inbox for these vouchers turning up very soon.


The fact that WD14 was the success it was owes a huge vote of thanks to the team that organised it. A dedicated group of folks from inside and outside of the club who each brought their own talents and skills to the table and who melded together into a great team to work with. There were many hours put in by everyone whether those hours were spent designing and setting up the bike course, building the racking that made a very professional transition area, negotiating with suppliers and authorities, liaising with sponsors, sourcing supplies for the goody bags and over a thousand emails that went into organising and marketing the event. There is now one member of the race committee who has been flagged up on Asda’s database as living on unusually high amounts of Mars bars and bananas !

The event is known as a tough off road duathlon and this year particularly it certainly lived up to its reputation. There are some features that are becoming synonymous with the race such as the water feature on the run that is the bomb hole. This year on the first run alone the “lost shoe” count reached 6 including our very own Charlie Passfield doing a passable impression of Bambi on ice when he left one shoe in the water.

On the Saturday set up there was much discussion about bike route and how long it would take to complete, should it be reduced to 2 laps instead of the planned 3. A test ride once it was set up made it fairly clear that 3 laps was achievable. As it turned out on the day the course, which was damp from the mist and fog on the day, cut up worse than we could have predicted. The resulting muddy challenge caused a high dropout rate either from fatigue or mechanical problems. With the benefit of hindsight 2 laps would have been a better choice as of the 96 senior starters only 70% finished the race.

The conditions in the morning meant that we changed the junior bike routes before they started and these changes made sure that the juniors had a great race with a lot of the feedback again praising the marshals and the friendly atmosphere but also many saying what a fun and enjoyable day they had.

Thanks to the entries being up on last year’s entries by over 20%, and the contributions from all of our sponsors (Newdales, Kestrel Physiotherapy, Wilburs and Intercounty Estate Agents) we were able to make a contribution to Meldreth Manor School, the clubs chosen charity, of £229.


As for the results – I’ll shamelessly plagiarise Vince’s article written for the press releases :-

In the seniors race, first across the line was Jason Bouttell, who is one of Britain’s top 5 mountain bike racers. His skill and incredible power on the bike enabled him to pull away and build an unassailable lead into the second transition, preventing faster running athletes from catching him, in an astonishing performance.

George Schweining came into transition from the first run with the leading men, and such was her running speed, that she actually recorded the fastest second run split of the day, beating all of the men on her way to a breathtaking victory in the women’s race with a lead of over 10 minutes in what proved to be a clean sweep for Cambridge Tri, with second and third places also for the club.

There was also some notable successes for Walden Tri’s own athletes, with last year’s runner up, International World Silver medallist Craig Dyce coming in a creditable 6th overall and second in his age group. George Alexander was second for the town in 8th place overall and 1st in his age group, with third saffron Walden athlete placing 9th overall, Mark Coutts who also placed third in his age group.

First woman home for the club, and a very impressive 4th overall lady, was Nikola Coutts who won her age group, along with evergreen Bjorn Alsos who won the men’s 50-55 class.

2 Walden Junior athletes Zach Deller and Nick Daniel also showed their class winning their age group as well as placing in the top half overall beating many adults in what was a very successful day all round for Walden Tri..

In the afternoon, the Junior event took place with over 100 athletes, aged between 9 and 16 competing, many for the first time at this popular challenging event.

Walden Juniors were out in force and dominated the results with a series of superb performances justifying their growing reputation as the strongest Junior tri club in the region.

Coming home in first place in the 9-10 year old class was Tom Hattee in 14.22 with Walden Juniors Elliot Wood taking an impressive third place.

Innes Dunlop Of Walden Juniors came first for the girls and 9th overall, just beating clubmate Millie Robson by only 6 seconds!

In the 11-12 age group, James Fraser, beat Alex Dale into 2nd place with Helena Dyce impressively winning the girls race ahead of 2nd place Anghared Evans, all four from Walden juniors.

Marco Passfield of Walden tri was narrowly beaten into second place in the 13-14 Age group, whilst Kate Tillotson and Phoebe Butler came 2nd and third in the girls race.

In the 15-16 age group, Ross Broomfield came third with Lottie Dyce taking 2nd in the girls race in what was a very successful day for both Juniors and seniors at this prestigious local event.

Jason Bouttell

Results Seniors

  • Craig Dyce 6th overall / 2nd in Age group 2.01.11
  • George Alexander 8/1 2.04.30
  • Mark Coutts 9/3 2.08.33
  • Micheal Buchallet 10/4 2.09.36
  • Bjorn Alsos 17/1 2.20.42
  • Zachery Deller 23/1 2.26.59
  • Phil Robert 26/5 2.29.07
  • Andy Dunlop 34/9 2.38.47
  • Brendan Moran 35/10 2.39.00
  • Nick Daniel 39/1 2.43.43
  • Nikola Coutts 4/1 2 47.37
  • Mick Denyer 54/11 3.05.41

Results Juniors

9-10 Boys

  • Elliot wood 3rd
  • Jake Latham 4th
  • Lewis Buchallet 6th
  • Luca Dean 7th
  • Elliot Kingley 8th
  • Freddie Wardle 9th
  • Luke Moran 10th
  • Wilfred Mclaughlin 11th
  • Henry McNeil 16th
  • Elliot Moran 17th
  • Luke Davies 17th
  • Jake Elmer 19th
  • Thomas Ormsby 20th
  • Luca Passfield 21st
  • Ben Sellick 22nd
  • Austyn Johnson 23rd
  • Theo Bozianu 24th
  • Mark Coutts 25th

9-10 Girls

  • Innes Dunlop 1st
  • Millie Robson 2nd
  • Freya Stirkling 4th
  • Mia Hickey 5th
  • Cecily Hannam 6th
  • Millie Denyer 7th
  • Olivia Corner 8th
  • Matilda Burton 9th
  • Alice Donker 10th
  • Lulu Hall 11th

11-12 Boys

  • James Fraser 1st
  • Alex Dale 2nd
  • Jack Stanton-Stock 5th
  • Luhan Bely 6th
  • Thomas Wisbey 10th
  • Oliver Latham 11th
  • Angus Villiers 12th
  • Hal Kearton 13th
  • Charlie Mcneil 14th
  • Samuel Robinson 16th
  • Benedict Hanam 19th

11-12 Girls

  • Helena Dyce 1st
  • Angharad Evans 2nd
  • Ciara Broomfield 5th
  • Rose Wilkinson 7th
  • Sophie Griffiths 10th
  • Abigail Barnes 11th
  • Amelia Donker 14th
  • Holly Whyte 15th

13-14 Boys

  • Marco Passfield 2nd
  • Mael Bely 8th
  • George Rogers 9th
  • Nathan Wright 11th
  • Ben Dale 13th
  • Ethan Jarvis 14th
  • Ewan Jackson-Cort 15th

13-14 Girls

  • Kate Tillotson 2nd
  • Phoebe Butler 3rd
  • Georgia Bozianu 4th
  • Annabel Trevillion 6th

15-16 Boys

  • Ross Broomfield 3rd
  • Leon Bozianu 5th
  • Tommy Villiers 8th

15-16 Girls

  • Lottie Dyce 2nd

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Many thanks to our generous race sponsors

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