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Club Champships Rules

The best 3 results from the above races to count. At least one of those 3 races must be a Triathlon.

Substitute Race One alternative race may be specified providing :-

  1. a) It is of an equivalent distance
    (all distances within 20% of the race being substituted)
    b) It is within the 20% rules (as above) of either of the 2 Sprint or Standard BTA Distances being 750m / 20km / 5km or 1500m / 40km / 10km.
  2. The intention to substitute is notified in advance. Such notification only valid once confirmed. Notification by e mail to clubchamps@waldentri.co.uk.
  3. The race must be BTF sanctioned.
  4. The race is an open event i.e. open to any one of the club members to enter should they so wish.
  5. Results are readily available to be verified.
  6. The Walden Triathlon may not be used as a substitute race under any circumstances.

All comparisons of the competitors times will be against the finisher immediately above the 40th percentile, both in their Age Group and overall. For example if there are 150 competitors then the 40th percentile would be the 60th finisher (150 x 40%). Similarly if there were 12 competitors in the Age Group then the comparison would be to the 4th finisher in the Age Group (12 x 40% = 4.8. Competitor immediately above that = 4th)
These calculations will all be against the relevant gender.

For both Overall and Age Group the points calculation will be :-

Race distance Factor
Competitor Finish time / 40th Percentile Comparison

The Race Distance Factors are:

  • Sprint Race (750m/20km/5km or less) 1.0
  • Olympic distance (1500m/40km/10km) 1.1
  • Half Ironman (1.2mile/56mile/13.1mile) 1.2
  • Ironman (2.4mile/112 mile/26.2 mile) 1.3

Both points scores (overall and age group) are then added together to give the total points for the race.

Only the best 3 races point scores from the Championship series (or substitute races) will count for the season. At least one of those 3 races must be a Triathlon.

The winner of the annual Club Championship will receive a complimentary entry to race in the Walden Triathlon the following year.